Yes, you are my King!

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Here is your King...
Here is your King...

The last sunday of the li­tur­gical year we celebrate the feast of Christ the King. He is not a King like all those Kings and warlords that dominate this world....


In today’s gospel we meet Christ the King.

But it is a very meek and humble king we meet.

His appearance is not king-like at all,

He stands there in front of the Governor Pilate

as a criminal, a suspect of serious crimes.

But nevertheless He answers: “Yes, I am a king”.

Believe in Him

But who will be able to know He is a King?

Who will be able to discover His greatness?

His answer is this:

“I came into the world for this:

to bear witness to the truth

and all who are on the side of truth

listen to my voice”.

That means:

those only who hear His words

and who believe in Him,

they will come to know Him as a King,

they only will come to know His kingdom.


This in fact is something

we experience also in daily life:

whoever loves a person,

believes all that proceeds

from the lips of that person.

If you really love a person,

you will have faith in him, in his words.

No blind love: get to know Him!

But how then do we come to love somebody?

Of course I do not mean here

falling in love with someone,

in a blind love,

because you are so much attracted

by outside qualities of the other,

things like outer beauty, clothes etcetera.

If you feel attracted by these things

beiing blind for who this person is,

you do not love this person

as he or she is,

because our love is blind.

In this case you’ll believe this person,

because you love him or her,

but you have not really come to know this person.


How then do we love somebody

with a real love and a real knowledge?

We do so when we have experienced

that he or she cares about us,

especially when this person

does a real effort to help us,

when his or her love implies

a real sacrifice.

Therefore we are very grateful

- when we have or had good parents –

for all they have done for us

for the love they showed us in so many little things.

If you have experienced in parents this love:

people giving their lives for you

out of love,

you have a reason to thank God.

This is a real base

which helps you to experience

how God loves you.

Contemplate His love

The same happens

in our relationship with the Lord.

When the good thief

contemplated our Redeemer

suffe­ring so much pain and death upon the corss

with such patience, such love,

though he had done no wrong,

he started to love Jesus;

under the influence of this love

and of the grace of God, that divine light,

that broke into his soul,

he believed that Jesus was truly the Son of God,

the King of Kings

and he begged not to be forgotten by Him

when he would have passed into his kingdom.

When You listen to Jesus with love

you will see behind His outer appearance,

you will not just see

a powerless, heavily punished criminal,

but you will discern

Gods love.

Love and faith

This love is the foundation of our faith.

It is very important for us

to try always to love Jesus

with our hearts

in daily life, in the normal things we do,

because when we love Jesus,

we are on the side of truth

and we will be able to listen to His voice

and welcome what He is saying in our lives.

See His suffe­ring

Everyone encounters suffe­ring and pain.

Some people experience really

very difficult problems, heavy to endure.

Many cannot cope with that

or they blame God

or do not believe in Him any more

because He sent them these suffe­rings.

Then they become bitter and empty.

Only if you have a real love for Jesus,

not a blind one,

not a love that wipes away

His suffe­ring and loneliness,

His penance and cross.

If you really try to have a real love for Jesus,

teh way He is,

with His cross and suffe­rings,

you wille be able to continue to follow Him

when suffe­rings are cros­sing your path.

And you will continue to say:

Yes, you are my King,

not a King of splendour and majesty only,

but a King who went for me through the dirt,

through flagellation and crucifixion

and was crowned with thorns.

Lord, help us to listen to your voice,

to love you, to believe in you.